Career Transition: What’s Your Game Plan?

Everyone knows that professional athletes are some of the most talented, competitive people on the court. But, it’s often overlooked that many of the same high-achievers from professional sports go on to find success in many business, education, and various professional settings. Success off the court is a result of asking the right questions, finding answers and strategically planning the next play.

The reality is that a player’s career is often much shorter than they expect and, after their “playing career” ends a plan must be established. Former athletes need to have a credible picture of the future; understanding their strengths and motivational needs and how they can bring value to an organization.
As you enter a new marketplace and new reality think about the following:

Where is the Intersection of Talent and Passion?

Creating a well-defined path happens through career assessment, talking to mentors and/or going back to school. Through this process athletes can begin to discover where their talent and passion intersect.

Having Sound Fundamentals
It’s important to get help from experts for resume preparation, career coaching and job placement in developing your successful career transition strategy.

It’s a Contact Sport!
Stay in contact with your existing network (teammates, coaches, etc.) and build new relationships from alumni/letterwinner groups.

Use Adversity to Accelerate Growth
Utilize the leadership and teamwork skills you developed from playing in your competitive sport and translate those skills into the workplace.

One of the most important questions to ask is how to define success?

Traditionally success is seen as:

  • picking yourself up just one more time
  • the continued expansion of happiness
  • the setting and achieving of worthy goals

I like Thoreau’s definition of success. Thoreau defines success as advancing confidently in the direction of your own dream, in order to live a life that only you can imagine. It’s time that you define the dream and imagine what is possible for you!


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