A Stable Investment in the Hospitality Industry

Did you ever imagine becoming part of the thriving hospitality industry? Did you ever think about owning a luxury resort and then dismiss the idea because you didn’t know where to start? Wonder no more. Chandler Hotel Group (CHG) offers its investors the best in a turnkey, full-service investment in the hospitality industry. Whether it be for the purchase or sale of a hotel property, third-party management of it, or its design and renovation, CHG handles it all.

CEO and President Jared Chandler says that “Dependability, responsiveness and attention to detail at every step has been critical to our success, and we realize we should make it a practice to engage the best in everything we do to ensure ongoing, unquestionable expertise and results for our clients.” And reading the client testimonials on the company website supports the fact that the company follows its own policies.

While CHG is a fully-tiered company that offers hotel brokerage, management, interior design and renovation services, it is always the people in any organization who make the difference. Made up of seasoned experts whose professional lives have been spent in the management, accounting, valuation and repositioning of hospitality property, they form a results-oriented team with deep expertise in every area of the hospitality investment industry. The team operates based on the unwavering principles upon which the company was founded — that every individual client is treated with care, concern and respect.

The CHG team’s commitment is that every client receives the best of their value-added expertise. They figure that if they don’t take care of a client, someone else will, so they do whatever it takes to serve a client well, no matter the effort required. At the most basic level, they apply their expertise, build a relationship with the client and add value to their client’s investment. The strength of that commitment is shown in the following accomplishments:

  • they have successfully closed over 180 lodging transactions in excess of $2 billion in gross sales
  • the management services division has successfully managed four- and five-diamond resorts, full-service conference hotels, boutique hotels and portfolios of limited service
  • properties • they are affiliated with all the major brands in the industry today.

But a company is only as strong as its leader and his or her vision. It’s clear that Jared Chandler is a true entrepreneur — someone who not only has a compelling vision but also has the ability to execute that vision. Chandler previously worked in the business of taxdeferred1031 investments and realized there was an opportunity for him to create a specialized and stable investment form for others in the hospitality industry. He paid attention to the people who were successful 1031 investors, watching how they invested and managed their money and then created his business based on those sound and proven practices.

Chandler prefers his firm to be small and very handson to be able to take advantage of strategic opportunities as they arise and to have a say in how a project goes forward. He equates what the company does to a game of chess since no two transactions or properties they broker, manage or renovate are ever the same. For a “small” firm, however, they are in the Top 100 of 3rd Party Management Companies; CHG manages multiple hotels and resorts in several states including Arizona, California, Utah, Colorado, Arkansas, and Missouri, among others. Their Construction Division earned a Renovation of the Year award. And while they work with all the major players in the industry, they prefer Marriott or Hilton properties since they have proved to be the most attractive brands when it comes time to sell.

On a personal level, Chandler says that family is always first but he also loves to help others in need, especially children. And he prefers to donate to charities on a local level, again giving smaller organizations the opportunity to have a say in where and how they use what they have been given.

To learn more about the Scottsdale, Arizona based CHG, visit


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